Interested in Purchasing Bank-Owned Properties in Howell, NJ?

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Purchasing a bank-owned home can give a buyer a variety of benefits, including lower price points. On the down side, the transaction also requires more time and work to complete. Weber, Fabiyan & Associates, LLC can help you with purchasing a bank-owned home quickly. We've helped countless clients throughout the Howell, NJ area acquire bank-owned properties. Our experienced legal team can help you, too.

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3 key benefits of buying bank-owned properties

Purchasing a bank-owned home isn't for everyone, but it can help some buyers get a good deal and avoid major headaches. Here's how:

  1. Bank-owned properties are usually sold at below market value and without outstanding property taxes incurred by the previous owners.
  2. By negotiating directly with the bank, you'll avoid the sentimentality that often makes it difficult for homeowners to settle on a sale price.
  3. Unlike purchasing from a foreclosure auction, you'll have the opportunity to request a home inspection before closing.
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